NBA trade Houston Rockes Chris Paul Tuson Chandler

Houston Rockets didn’t make many deals in the free agency as none of the other teams wanted their players in a trade. James Harden was re-signed in a blockbuster deal which emptied a large part of their cap space money. It was inevitable to trade out other players such as Chris Paul, Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, and PJ Tucker.

While Capela was rumored to join the Boston Celtics, no such deal is made and even the player has refused to say anything on the matter. The Rockets are in dire need of another star and the veteran player Tyson Chandler could be a perfect fit. Here is why the Rockets could trade out Chris Paul and sign a deal with Chandler.

Rockets needs a player to support Clint Capela

Clint Capela Support NBA trade Houston Rockes Chris Paul Tuson Chandler

The Rockets team needs an experienced backup player that can support their other stars in the basketball court. Nene Hilario from the team has declined his player option for the next season and might leave Houston soon. Hence, there is an urgent need of a player that can back up Clint Capela for the games in NBA 2019-20.

Tyson Chandler perfectly fits all the required criteria and his 7-foot tall height is an additional advantage. Also, there won’t be any issues with removing Chris Paul as Chandler was his former teammate and the two stars have good relations. Further, Chandler is an amazing rim protector and also good at offense, which the Rockets need very badly after the James Harden and Chris Paul feud rumors.

Tyson Chandler deal Urgency

Deal NBA trade Houston Rockes Chris Paul Tuson Chandler
Houston Rockets have to act first if they want to sign a trade deal with Tyson Chandler. If they wait for too long, they could lose one of the best possible candidates for the center backup position. The Rockets were eyeing Kevon Looney but waited too long and he signed up with the Golden State Warriors.

Also, JaVale McGee re-signed with the Los Angeles Lakers for the same reason. With the two of them out form the free agency, the Rockets don’t have many options left. They need to sign Chandler as soon as possible before some other team makes him an offer.