Golden State Warriors can’t seem to find new players as their main stars left the team. And now, if rumours are to be believed a possible trade deal with Trey Bruke might be in the works.

Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan, and DeMarcus Cousins are the biggest names that the Warriors squad is going to miss out. Even names such as Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala who turned into free agents and parted ways with the Warriors.

The entire team now depends on Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and newly acquired D’Angelo Russel. Out of which Thompson is injured and Russel will be traded out soon. In such a situation, the Dubs team needs to sign someone like Trey Burke to stay relevant in the game. Here is how the Trey Burke deal can go out and the future lineup of Warriors team.

Comparison with Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors Trey Bruke Trade deal  Replacing Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors is depending on Stephen Curry too much as a potential Durant replacement. The fact is Curry can’t play every match and needs some rest, and in those games, the Warriors have no one to lead the scoreboard.

Trey Burke can be helpful in such a situation as he can score and have a good throwing arm. Burke had an average of 10.3 points and some of the best three-point shots in the game. The Dubs team is lacking on offense without Curry and Burke can be a great addition in such times.

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Warriors needs Trey Burke

Warriors needs Trey Burke

Trey Burke is also on the list of several other NBA teams and the Warriors have to make a deal soon. It is not entirely possible for Burke to totally replace Durant or Curry, but he can play the role of Quinn Cook in the team. Burke is currently an unrestricted free agent and one of the best players available in the market. The Warriors have to offer him a lucrative deal before he is signed by some other team.