All fans of Damian Lillard have been anticipating his trade request for a long time now. But waiting for the trade for a long time has probably ruined the experience of some fans.

Lillard wants to be traded to the Miami Heat as of now, and his current team may not land him in his desired destination. But there’s a way to get into the Miami Heat.

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A proposed trade between the Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat, and the Portland Trail Blazers has sparked speculation about how Lillard could potentially join the Miami Heat.

Damian Lillard
Image: Damian Lillard

The Damian Lillard Trade Proposal

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Lillard’s career was at its peak and is finally coming to an end soon. The time that he will be traded to another team is finally coming soon.

Why do the Portland Trail Blazers Want this Trade?

The Portland Trail Blazers are considering this trade for a few reasons:

1. Not Interested in Herro: The Trail Blazers are no more interested in Tyler Herro. This is because the Blazers have already got young players on their roster like Shaedon Sharpe and Anfernee Simons.

2. Need for Draft Picks: The Blazers are eagerly looking for draft picks to secure their future. With this trade, they will get some first-round draft picks.

3. Taking on Bad Contracts: The Blazers know Ben Simmons’ contract is not great because it’s expensive. But they’re willing to take on this challenge to get valuable draft picks.

Damian Lillard
Image: Portland Trail Blazers

4. Future Planning: The Blazers aren’t worried about Simmons’ contract in the long term. They think that when they want to use their money wisely in the future, Simmons might not be on the team anymore.

5. Nets’ Choice: The Trail Blazers are wondering if the Brooklyn Nets should give more draft picks to help with Simmons’ contract. The Nets need to think about this.

Why Miami Heat Do this Deal?

Damian Lillard
Image: Lillard with the basketball

The Miami Heat have a strong reason for this trade:

1. Right Decision: After reaching the NBA Finals, the Heat believe this trade is the right move. They coped well without Tyler Herro during playoffs due to his injury.

2. Filling a Need: Adding Damian Lillard addresses a gap at point guard, which is exactly what they need.

3. Urgent Move: Lillard’s exceptional offensive skills are a rare find. The Heat’s recent Finals appearance and the opportunity to enhance their team prompt them to act swiftly.