NBA trade news Jimmy Butler deal LA Lakers Miami Heat Free Agent

NBA free agency is starting in a few hours, and we have an important trade deal for Jimmy Butler yet to happen. Butler has been playing from the Philadelphia 76ers and have an amazing track record. There have been so many NBA teams available to make a deal for Butler due to his good performance.


The Houston Rockets are trying their best to get Jimmy Butler as their four main players are leaving the team. Meanwhile, Butler has some other plans for his free agency. Up until now, the Los Angeles Lakers was his top destination, but now Butler is also meeting with the Miami Heat for a possible deal.

Third Player for the Lakers

NBA trade news Jimmy Butler deal LA Lakers Free Agent

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying their best to sign Jimmy Butler for a max deal in their team. As the Lakers already have Anthony Davis and LeBron James playing for them, they need a third star. Most of the experts believe that Jimmy Butler will be a perfect fit for the team.

Butler is known to be good with the ball on the other side of the court and can also play offense very well. There won’t be an attitude problem in Butler while playing alongside LeBron James. It is the main reason why the Butler and Lakers deal can happen, and also the trio can win the next NBA finals.

Star Player for Miami Heat

Miami Heat NBA trade news Jimmy Butler deal

Among all the other team in the mix, Miami Heat is the latest name which has been meeting with Jimmy Butler. As per the reports, a deal can be made between the Miami team and Butler. The real reason why the Miami Heat is a top contender because it would make Butler a star player in the team.

There is no other name that could overshadow Jimmy Butler, and he would have the full freedom and limelight to himself. The Miami Heat are also considering it and can offer a four-year max deal for $140 million.