NBA Summer League 2019 Watch Online

NBA draft lottery and free agency are officially over, and all the deals between players and teams have been made. The time of NBA Summer League 2019 has come, the first ever tournament after the deals. Most of the teams have totally changed, and it will be now the time to see their efficiency.

Also, there are a lot of young prospects player who will be playing for the first time in the professional NBA. It will be a test of them their NBA teams will get to know their true worth. Summer League 2019 is going to be a trailer for the next NBA season, and we can predict the future games from it. Here are all the details about the NBA Summer League 2019 and the teams participating in it.

Teams in the Summer League

Summer League Teams NBA Summer League 2019 Watch Online

All of the 30 NBA teams will take part in the Summer League to test their bench strength and new players. For the year 2019, the Chinese and Croatian national basketball teams will also take part in the summer tournament. It makes a total of 32 teams taking part and each time will get to play four games in a tournament style championship.

Venue and Schedule

Summer League Venue NBA Summer League 2019 Watch Online

The Summer League 2019 will take place in the city of Las Vegas as every major NBA league from the previous years. The games will be played from July 5 to July 15, where the last 4 days will be the playoffs. July 5-11 are the regular season games, and July 11-15 are the dates for the playoffs. While the playoffs team will be selected later, the schedule for the regular season is as follows.

Friday, July 5

  • Pistons vs. Croatia
  • 76ers vs. Bucks
  • Timberwolves vs. Cavaliers
  • Heat vs. China
  • Mavericks vs. Nets
  • Lakers vs. Bulls
  • Hornets vs. Warriors
  • Knicks vs. Pelicans
  • Magic vs. Spurs
  • Suns vs. Nuggets

Saturday, July 6

  • Thunder vs. Jazz
  • Trail Blazers vs. Pistons
  • Hawks vs. Bucks
  • Celtics vs. 76ers
  • Grizzlies vs. Pacers
  • Clippers vs. Lakers
  • Mavericks vs. Rockets
  • Pelicans vs. Wizards
  • China vs. Kings

Sunday, July 7

  • Raptors vs. Warriors
  • Spurs vs. Hornets
  • Nets vs. Croatia
  • Timberwolves vs. Hawks
  • Nuggets vs. Magic
  • Bulls vs. Cavaliers
  • Jazz vs. Heat
  • Knicks vs. Suns
  • Rockets vs. Trail Blazers
  • Grizzlies vs. Clippers

Monday, July 8

  • Thunder vs. 76ers
  • Kings vs. Mavericks
  • Pacers vs. Pistons
  • Wizards vs. Nets
  • Spurs vs. Raptors
  • Cavaliers vs. Celtics
  • Bucks vs. Timberwolves
  • Pelicans vs. Bulls
  • China vs. Hornets
  • Warriors vs. Lakers

Tuesday, July 9

  • Croatia vs. Thunder
  • Heat vs. Magic
  • Pacers vs. Hawks
  • Trail Blazers vs. Jazz
  • Suns vs. Grizzlies
  • Nuggets vs. Celtics
  • Knicks vs. Raptors
  • Kings vs. Rockets
  • Clippers vs. Wizards

Wednesday, July 10

  • 76ers vs. Pistons
  • Croatia vs. Mavericks
  • Hornets vs. Bulls
  • Magic vs. Nets
  • Timberwolves vs. Heat
  • Cavaliers vs. Pelicans
  • Spurs vs. Suns
  • Lakers vs. Knicks
  • China vs. Bucks
  • Warriors vs. Nuggets

Thursday, July 11

  • Raptors vs. Pacers
  • Hawks vs. Wizards
  • Trail Blazers vs. Thunder
  • Jazz vs. Rockets
  • Kings vs. Clippers
  • Celtics vs. Grizzlies

How to live stream the Games?

How to Stream

All of the games of Summer League 2019 happening in Las Vegas will be streamed live on NBA TV and ESPN Networks. There are NBA Apps, NBA websites, ESPN+, ESPN Go App, etc. which will stream all the games live. Fubo TV will also stream the NBA summer league games live, and it comes with a 7-day free trial.