Stephen Curry Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets

Stephen Curry has become the leading man for the Golden State Warriors ever since Kevin Durant moved out. With other names such as DeAndre Jordan and DeMarcus Cousins also gone, everything now depends on Curry and his gameplay. There have been a few situations before for the Warriors where Durant was injured and Curry had to step up in his place.

One such game was the 2019 Western Conference semifinals against the Houston Rockets. Curry recalls the game in his Facebook special show and shared the inside stories of what happened in their team during that game. Here is what happened in the ‘Rockets Game’ and how Curry has to repeat the same for Warriors in the upcoming NBA season.

The Game vs. Rockets

Stephen Curry Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors Houston Rockets Repeat the Magic

Stephen Curry in the special show called ‘Stephen vs. The Game’ which is streamed on Facebook watch has revealed what exactly happened in that game. The game was played in Houston, and hence the crowd was in full support of the Rockets. Kevin Durant got an injury in his right calf strain during Game 5 of the series.

It was important to win the Game 6, or they could have lost the semifinals. As soon as Durant started limping the whole crowd started cheering, and I knew we had to step-up and give out our best. The next 14 minutes of the game was pretty intense, Thompson and I managed to turn a tied score to 104-99 and won the semi without Durant.

Curry and Thompson Duo

Curry Thompson Duo

Curry and the whole of Warriors need to summon the same mentality they had in the game against Rockets. They need to accept the fact that Durant is no longer a part of their roster and play the game accordingly.

Most of the NBA analysts believe that the Warriors can manage to win around 45-50 games without Durant and finish around the 7th place in Western Conference. It is time for Curry and company to prove everyone wrong and show them what they can do without their main stars in NBA 2019-20 season.