NBA Kevin Love Chris Paul Andrew Wiggins Gordon Hayward Goran Dragic trade deal

NBA 2019-20 season is yet to start and it means that the teams can still make changes to their rosters. Every team has different needs, some needs young power, while others are looking at experienced veterans. There are certain players who are currently staying as just trading assets on their teams and could soon be dealt. Players such Kevin Love, Chris Paul, Andrew Wiggins, Gordon Hayward and Goran Dragic could get new deals soon.

Kevin Love

NBA trade deal Kevin Love

Kevin Love is a great shooter and rebounded and have plenty of experience with an NBA title with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He would be of great use in any team that needs a veteran to guide them to an NBA championship. The Cavs are looking at younger names to rebuild their roster and Love doesn’t fit in there. It is why Kevin Love can be traded soon with a lot of teams ready to make an offer.

Chris Paul

NBA trade deal Chris Paul

Chris Paul being traded out from the Houston Rockets was a shocking move but they kind of needed Westbrook more. Anyway, CP3 is a great player even at the age of 34 years and can still score 25 points and play steadily for 30 minutes. Oklahoma City Thunder has no plans for him and would trade him in exchange for younger players. Paul would provide great knowledge to any team along with a pleasant locker room experience.

Andrew Wiggins

NBA trade deal Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins came to limelight when Jimmy Butler decided to leave the Minnesota Timberwolves and join the 76ers. Wiggins is a great defender who has a lot of potential in the future. There are many NBA experts who believe that he will be the next superstar of basketball in a few years. But since the Timberwolves doesn’t have any star power, they are rebuilding their team. It is highly possible that Wiggins is put up for trade and signed by a much better team.

Gordon Hayward

NBA trade deal Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward has immense talent and somehow he disappointed everyone with his performance in Boston Celtics last year. The All-Star player might have been recovered physically from his injuries, but he is somehow still lacking the confidence to make a comeback. The Celtics would probably trade him at some later point to use his massive contract for picking up draft players. Hayward just needs some time and he would again be the same superstar caliber player.

Goran Dragic

NBA trade deal Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic is a great point guard who after changing so many teams finally settled in Miami Heat. He has enough experience, can lead a team and will be a great addition to any team that wants to contend for an NBA title. Miami is building their team around Jimmy Butler with younger players and Dragic doesn’t fit in there anymore. Most of the NBA teams would be ready to give a good trade package to Heat for having Dragic on their roster.