1. Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA finals and it was something they never imagined. Kawhi Leonard was the Finals MVP and the sole reason the Raptors lifted the title. While the Raptors are still the defending NBA champions, Leonard has left the team and joined the LA Clippers. Without Leonard to lead them, the road to next NBA finals will be very tough for the Toronto team.

Kyle Lowry, Pascal Siakam, Serge Ibaka, and Marc Gasol are the only names which can make a difference and the Raptors know they aren’t enough. The team needs someone who can replace Leonard and fill in their shoes. Mohamed Bamba is the latest target for Raptors to make a strong game in the upcoming NBA 2019-20 season.

Replacement for Kawhi Leonard

Raptors looking for Mohamed Bamba deal

As per the latest reports, Toronto Raptors could offer a deal to Mohamed Bamba from Orlando Magic in the near future. Bamba has a wingspan around 8 foot and he can throw perfect threes. There are high chances that Bamba ends up as the defensive player of the year if he plays for the Raptors. Also, Bamba is just 21 years old and can fit perfectly with Pascal Siakam in the Toronto roster.

Despite having an average of 6.2 points, 5.0 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks, Bamba can improve as a starter in Raptors. The best part is his shooting of 48.1 percent from the field and 30 percent from beyond the arc. Bamba has huge potential to be the next Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors will not leave a single chance to acquire him.

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Deal with Orlando Magic

Deal with Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic is kind of packed and have no intention of selling out Mohamed Bamba but there is a way around. Nikola Vucevic has just signed a new four year, $100 million deal with the Magic and they have tight cap space for next year. Logjam already handles the frontcourt in Orlando and the team have no place for Bamba.

Toronto Raptors could offer a few players in an exchange trade and the Magic might also agree for a deal. The Raptors aren’t looking for a major rebuild, they just want to replace Kawhi Leonard and Bamba is the perfect candidate for NBA 2019-20 season.

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