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NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker Trade Imminent

NBA Rumors Phoenix Suns Devin Booker Trade

Phoenix Suns made one of the biggest deal in NBA history a few days ago when they bought Devin Booker. The 22-year-old young talent was offered a new five year, $158 million contract last month in the free agency. It will be in effect as the NBA 2019-20 season starts for the Suns.

Although the deal seems good for Booker as he is loyal to the Phoenix team, the opposite can’t be said. It all depends on the fact that Booker says healthy and doesn’t have a dip in his performance. As per some experts, Phoenix Suns could trade out Devin soon if he doesn’t provides the worth of the value spend on him.

Players to be Traded Out Soon

NBA Phoenix Suns Players to be Traded

NBA has become more of a business and less of a sports event and hence the teams have become too strict on their players. As soon as a player gets injured or have a dip in his numbers, they are traded out of the team. Most of the trade pundits were doubting the Devin Booker deal with the Suns from the first day.

It is not sure whether the Suns would make it to the playoffs and in this case, their money will go to waste. Atlanta Hawks general manager Wes Wilcox in a recent interview named some of the players which he thinks would be traded soon. The list included the name of Booker along with other NBA stars such as Chris Paul, Kevin Love, Bradley Beal, and Andrew Wiggins.

Booker in Phoenix Suns

Booker in Suns

The fact remains that Devin Booker will only be traded in the future and that too if he has performance issues. Currently, he is in an amazing form and even holds the record for most points scored (70) in a single game. Booker needs to continue the same and perform on the level of Steve Nash in Phoenix Suns during 2004-12.

DeAndre Ayton and Tyler Johnson are in the Phoenix roster to support him. Monty Williams has been appointed as the head coach to train Booker and other young players. It will be interesting to see whether Booker can prove his value to the Phoenix Suns.

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