Orlando Magic are currently sitting at the 8th seed in NBA Eastern Conference but they need more firepower if they want to survive the playoffs. They have a lot of trade assets and future draft picks to make some big deals before the upcoming February deadline.

The Magic certainly needs a superstar before the 2020 trade deadline and one of the options they are exploring is CJ McCollum from Portland Trail Blazers. As per recent NBA reports and rumors. the Magic could decide to trade for McCollum and they are ready to move out Aaron Gordon for the exchange deal before the 2020 February NBA trade deadline.

CJ McCollum could be the New Superstar in Orlando Magic

CJ McCollum could be the New Superstar in Orlando Magic

CJ McCollum after a slow start in the Portland Trail Blazers is getting back in shape and playing much better. He is an excellent scorer, accurate three-point shooters and can create a lot of trouble for the defensive side of the opposing teams. The 28-year-old shooting guard is having an average of 22.3 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 3.6 assists with 45.5 percent shooting from the field and 37.6 percent three-pointers.

CJ can break down defenses easily and is also able to hit shots from near the rim while surrounded by big players. Orlando Magic’s backcourt would get a huge upgrade in the form of CJ McCollum as he is one of the best to create space for the jumper and open shots from around the near defenders.

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Aaron Gordon and CJ McCollum Exchange Deal Possible?

Aaron Gordon and CJ McCollum Exchange Deal Possible

Aaron Gordon would be the required trade asset to be dealt with if Orlando Magic want someone like McCollum before the deadline. The Trail Blazers have always overshadowed McCollum with Damian Lillard and in Magic, he would get a perfect opportunity to prove his worth.

Although, it would be difficult to convince Portland for a trade deal as they would ask for more assets and future draft pick along with Gordon. Even the Trail Blazers are doing good in this season and they would hardly move CJ McCollum if they are trying to contend for the 2020 NBA championship title trophy.

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