Rumors have been swirling around the potential trade involving Damian Lillard, the star point guard of the Portland Trail Blazers. Miami Heat is one of the NBA teams that is standing at the forefront of the trade speculation, and recent reports have revealed the latest potential offer by the Miami Heat.

Damian Lillard
Image: Damian Lillard

Miami Heat’s Proposal in Damian Lillard Trade Talks Unveiled

According to a recent tweet by @TheDunkCentral, the official Twitter handle of NBA Central, the latest potential offer by the Miami Heat includes a package that comprises the following assets:

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Heat’s potential trade offer for Damian Lillard:

3-4 first round picks
Pick swaps
2nd round picks
Tyler Herro
Expiring contracts
Young players

(Via @ShamsCharania )
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Damian Lillard
Lillard is getting a lucrative offer from Miami Heat

Will This Offer Be Enough for Damian Lillard?

Damian Lillard
Image: Portland Trail Blazers

The big question that raises after the Miami Heat’s lucrative offer is whether or not this trade deal will be enough for Lillard. It is yet to be seen whether or not the Miami Heat will be able to convince the Trail Blazers to part ways with their star player.