Lance Stephenson who last played for Los Angeles Lakers is still a free agent even as July is kind of over. The 28-year-old forward had kind of average last season and hence the Lakers didn’t extend his contract. Despite that, Stephenson is a talented defender and can shoot three-pointers easily.

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If given enough minutes to play, Lance can make a big difference in the scores. There are a lot of NBA teams who can use an experienced player like Stephenson Here are the possible trade deals for Lance Stephenson with

Houston Rockets

Lance Stephenson deal Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets are looking strong with the addition of Russel Westbrook in their team. James Harden and Westbrook are a great offensive combination and with the help of someone like Stephenson can make Rockets a very tough team to beat. While the two MVP tandem will take care of shooting near the basket, they need some support.

Stephenson can throw perfect three-pointers making it a deadly combination for the team. The Rockets are the leading team in terms of 3 pointers with 45 percent of the throws turning into points. Adding Lance Stephenson to their team can further improve their score and get them close to an NBA title next season.

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Dallas Mavericks

Lance Stephenson deal  Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks has filled their team with a lot of young players and now needs someone experienced like Stephenson. The tandem of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis with the support of Stephenson can make the Mavericks a tough team.

It is not just about scores, adding a mature player like Stephenson can also help their young roster to learn things. At the same time, Stephenson shooting their pointers from beyond the arc will be an added bonus for the Mavericks.

Philadelphia 76ers

Lance Stephenson deal Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers are great in terms of defense and can stop the opposing teams from scoring. But they are lacking in terms of beyond the arc shooters and none of their players could manage to shoot more than 35 percent of three-pointers.

In such a situation, Stephenson can be a great addition as he has been shooting more than 37 percent since the last three seasons. Lance is perfect in spreading the floor and can replace Jimmy Butler for the Phillies.