Big 3 League NBA Ice Cube Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan

Big 3 is an NBA League started by the rapper and actor, Ice Cube for the retired baseball stars. It has been doing and become a lot popular due to fans missing out their favorite stars after their retirement from the NBA. Although many consider Big 3 as a high profile celebrity basketball league, founder Ice Cube believes it to be more of a competitive tournament.

Cube says it’s a pro league, not a celebrity game or an all-star game for the big players. It is the main reason why Lamar Odam, the former star of Lakers, was removed due to not being in game shape. Recently, there has been an increase of rumors speculating Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan joining the 3 on 3 Big League. Here is what Ice Cube has to say on Bryant and Jordan’s future in the Big 3 League.

Kobe Bryant is in Talks

Kobe Bryant Big 3 League NBA Ice Cube

Kobe Bryant has still got the fire in him, which can make the crowd go crazy whenever he’s on the basketball court. It is the main reason why Ice Cube is in talks with the former NBA legend on playing in the Big 3 tournament league. Cube has revealed that he is in touch with Kobe, although it’s not about playing in the league.

Bryant has shown his interest in joining the league but not as a player on the field. Cube said that unless Kobe specifically asks for joining the league as an athlete, there is no point in talking about this. Still, the Get Hard star is trying his best to convince Kobe Bryant to try his hands in the Big 3 League.

Michael Jordan as Co-owner

Michael Jordan Big 3 League NBA Ice Cube

Michael Jordan, on the other hand, is kind of very busy with his NBA team Charlotte Hornets. It would be very tough for Jordan to take time off from his own team management and join Big 3 League of Ice Cube. There are more chances of Jordan becoming the co-owner of the Big 3 tournament and handle things from the background.

Although, the American rapper believes if Jordan were not busy in the Hornets team, he would have definitely tried playing in the league. The other possibilities include Michael becoming an owner of one of the teams, or maybe coach unitedness of the few Big 3 teams. If Jordan did not own Hornets, he would have loved to play with his friends and teammates.