Jeremy Lin Rumors retirement NBA

Jeremy Lin created history this year by becoming the first Asian player to lift an NBA title. Even though Lin played for a mere 51 seconds in the Warriors vs. Raptors NBA finals, he was an important part of the Toronto team. With Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green leaving the team, there is not much hope left for the Raptors.

It is why most of the players are leaving the team and finding other ways to stay relevant. The 30-year-old Lin stayed as an unsigned free agent this summer and is now looking for other teams. Lin has already some offers from Europe and now he looks forward to playing in China. Apparently, the Chinese basketball team Beijing Ducks have offered Lin $3 million deal, which means he might retire from the Raptors soon.

Playing in China for Beijing Ducks

Playing in China

As per the latest reports, Jeremy Lin has gotten some hot offers from Beijing Ducks to play in their team. For those who don’t know, Ducks are the same team in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) in which Stephon Marbury played for seven seasons.

Marbury is a former NBA star and is currently the coach of Ducks who might have suggested the name of Jeremy Lin to the team owners. Lin is of Taiwanese or Chinese descent who has played a major role in NBA. Currently, Lin is on his annual Asian tour and has expressed interest in playing across the other side of the Pacific ocean.

Jeremy Lin Possible New Teams

Possible Teams for Lin

Lin has previously also indicated about his interest in playing across China as he got a lot of fans there. Every time he visits the place, basketball fans requests him to play a few seasons in the local teams. If the deal with Ducks doesn’t come to the conclusion, there are a few other options left.

Jeremy can join his brother Joseph Lin to play in the team of Fubon Braves which is a part of Taiwan’s Super Basketball League (SBL). It would be a lot interesting as the Braves won the SBL title last month and Lin won the NBA title for Raptors earlier this year.