James Harden NBA Rumors

Houston Rockets are somehow becoming the best team in the NBA and might even win the next title. James Harden and Russel Westbrook reuniting again are the biggest advantages they have. The latest NBA predictions based on player RPM also suggest Rockets as the top team in the NBA western conference.

Although there are some player rotation and management challenges, the Rockets will work on them too. One other thing that can make the Rockets stand out from other teams is a new strategic plan made by Harden. Apparently, Harden is working on a new basketball move which can help the Rockets beat the Lakers and Clippers in the NBA 2019-20 season.

New Trick Move from Harden

Harden New Move

James Harden has apparently been working on a new move since this summer to stun the opposing defenders. He has previously hinted on the same and we have finally got a short glimpse on how it works. The new move is called traveling-step-back for the time being until Harden or someone else comes up with a fancy name.

Harden introduced the move in three parts as the turnaround, side-step, and then shooting a one-footed three. It is not the first time James Harden has come up with something new, the 2 times MVP has always known for his innovative gameplay.

Ready to take on Lakers and Clippers

Lakers and Clippers

NBA Western Conference is totally loaded with teams such as Lakers, Clippers, Warriors and others. Houston Rockets needs something extraordinary and the Harden move can be the answer. The Rockets already have an edge as their power duo of Harden and Westbrook have a lot of experience together.

On the other hand, James-Davis in Lakers and Leonard-George in Clippers have not played an actual NBA game. It will be interesting to see if the Rockets can take the limelight from the Lakers vs. Clippers game and come out as the top team.