Devin Booker is the odd man out in the Phoenix Suns team where they need a major rebuild. There is now the Suns can make it to the playoffs of NBA 2019-20 season and Booker would like to get on a better team. NBA Western Conference is too heavily loaded with teams such as Lakers, Warriors, Clippers, Rockets and the Phoenix Suns have no shot at anything.

It is the reason why Booker would love to go to the Eastern Conference where the competition is lighter and none of the teams are threating. Boston Celtics have expressed their desire for Devin Booker many times and they could offer Gordon Hayward and some other assets to the Suns for a possible exchange deal.

Gordon Hayward and Other Assets for Booker

Gordon Hayward and Other Assets

Even though Devin Booker is under contract till 2023-2024, the Phoenix Suns will be forced to trade him if the player asks for a move-out. Booker is sitting on a high salary amount and it would require other NBA teams to spend some serious money to acquire him.

The Celtics are the most interesting team for Booker as they will never forget when he scored 70 points against them in Boston. In order to convince the Phoenix Suns general manager James Jones, the Celtics needs to give up a plethora of their assets. Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown and a couple of future first-round picks could even the exchange deal for Devin Booker.

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Boston Celtics needs Devin Booker

Celtics needs Devin Booker

The blockbuster deal between Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns could finally land Devin Booker in the green jersey. It might sound spending too much for a single player, but Booker has proved that he’s worth all the hype. The Celtics could emerge as the next contender of NBA Eastern Conference and easily top the league charts.

The deal would add Booker to the already loaded roster of Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, and Enes Kanter. Boston Celtics could finally beat the teams such as Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets to make way for an NBA championship.

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