NBA trade D'Angelo Russell Wizards Timberwolves Kings

Golden State Warriors are not planning to trade out D’Angelo Russell anytime soon and plans to use him in their team. There is no doubt Russell is an amazing player with an average of 21.1 games and made it to the All-Star NBA team. But the problem is playing style of Russell is similar to other players of Warriors and hence he doesn’t fit in the roster.

Russell will be a great partner to Stephen Curry in the absence of Klay Thompson. As soon as Thompson recovers, the Warriors may trade out Russell. There are other players who can be of great help in the Dubs team and they would most likely make an exchange deal. Here are the possible D’Angelo Russell trade deals with Wizards, Timberwolves and Kings.

Washington Wizards

NBA trade D'Angelo Russell Washington Wizards

Warriors have lost their best scorer in the form of Kevin Durant and they would like someone who can fill in his shoes. Bradley Beal is one of the emerging NBA stars who averaged 25.6 points in the last season with Washington Wizards.

There is no way the Wizards would agree for a Russel and Beal exchange and hence the Warriors needs to add Jordan Poole in the deal too. Beal would also become a free agent in 2020 and the Warriors could lure him on the chances of NBA title contention.

Minnesota Timberwolves

NBA trade D'Angelo Russell Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves were always rumored to sign D’Angelo Russell but he went to the Warriors due to Kevin Durant exchange deal with the Nets. The Wolves are still interested in the 23-year-old point guard and may offer two to three of their players in return. The Warriors were also interested in having Robert Covington and Jeff Teague in the last free agency. If the Minnesota team throw in Josh Okogie too, then a deal agreement can be easily signed for Russell.

Sacramento Kings

NBA trade D'Angelo Russell Sacramento Kings

Golden State Warriors had one of the best teams in 2015 which included names such as Curry, Thompson, Green and Harrison Barnes. They would love to have Barnes back who is currently showing much progress in the Sacramento Kings team. The Kings can offer Marvin Bagley III to make the final offer for D’Angelo Russell. Sacramento needs a young star for their team and Russell would fit perfectly in there.