Kris Dunn is one of the highly talented young basketball players who has played for the Providence Friars team. He was picked up in NBA by the team Minnesota Timberwolves as the 5th overall pick in 2016 draft lottery. After that, Dunn was signed by the Chicago Bulls where he has shown some progress.

In the last season with Bulls, Dunn had an average of 11.3 points, 4.1 rebounds and six assists per game on 42% shooting. The young guard played amazingly in some of the games and showed his brilliance against the Wizards in the March game. But otherwise, Kris is kind of an inconsistent player and change of team can help that. Atlanta Hawks are interested in signing Dunn and wants to pair him with Trae Young to make a power duo.

Dunn can Improve with the Hawks

NBA Trade Deal Atlanta Hawks Kris Dunn Trae Young Power Duo Dunn with Hawks

Atlanta Hawks could be the team that Kris Dunn needs right now to improve his gameplay. Dunn was an incredible player when he used to play in the Friar uniform and the Hawks can unlock his true potential. There is no doubt on the playing ability of Dunn as he is known to create his own shots.

Kris is also good at defending and can stop the opponents top offensive players from scoring. Chicago Bulls is not a good fit for Dunn and he deserves a better team. The Hawks can offer two of their future second-round draft picks to the Bulls and a deal for Dunn can be made soon.

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Kris Dunn and Trae Young Duo

Pairing with Trae Young

Trae Young is showing a lot of potential in Atlanta Hawks and could become their next star. Adding Kris Dunn would be a wise decision as the duo of Young and Dunn can do wonders for the team. Both the young players can be future All-Star team members and they need each other to make that happen.

Dunn and Young can form a backcourt duo and they both can shine in that position. The Hawks could also pair Dunn with Kevin Huerter in the defensive side and coach Lloyd Pierce can implement a new strategy. It will be interesting to see how the Dunn trade deal works out in the future NBA season.

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