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NBA Predictions are getting more and more accurate with time and new methods are invented for perfect results. The latest releases 2019-20 season predictions which are based on the ESPN’s real plus-minus (RPM) stats have some shocking results. As per the latest estimate, Houston Rockets can become the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference of NBA.

It is not just limited to that, the calculations predict Rockets as the winner for the NBA 2020 finals. While one may refuse to accept the calculations, the result is almost the same as the popular FiveThirtyEight which also makes the Rockets the best team in next season of NBA.

Predictions for Rockets

NBA Finals Predictions for Rockets

In ESPN’s projection, Rockets are considered to win the maximum number of games on the Western side. The numbers say it to be 53.7 percent average wins along with 99 percent surety of making it to the playoffs. Even though the Houston Rockets have exchanged Chris Paul with Russel Westbrook, they are still expected to win more than 53 games.

It is assumed that Westbrook will play more minutes than Paul and around 80% of the game will be played by returning players. The players considered for the Rockets predictions are Harden, Westbrook, Tucker, Capela, Gordon, Rivers, Green, and Chandler.

How does it Works?

NBA Finals predictions Lakers Clippers Rockets How does it WorksNBA Predictions for these results are based on the time missed over by all the teams. The last three NBA seasons are considered in calculations with assumed team minutes distribution. RPM is done for each of the players and his impact on team performance.

It also takes into consideration factors such as offense, defense, opponents and positions. The final projections are done after taking stimulation for over a thousand seasons. Age and health of players are also considered, for example, Klay Thompson will be a bit slow once he returns after the injury in the Warriors.