NBA prediction Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving Caris LeVert

Brooklyn Nets are trying to make themselves an NBA 2020 finals contenders and have made some great deals. The Nets shocked everyone by signing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the free agency deals. Caris LeVert is now offered a huge contract raise of his 25th birthday. As per the reports, Nets have offered LeVert a three-year contract extension at $52.5 million.

It seems that the Nets are not worried about spending too much and might even face luxury tax in the next year. Brooklyn wants to be in the same boat as Lakers, Clippers, Warriors and Rockets. NBA Eastern Conference doesn’t have much competition and the Nets could easily top that. The power trio of Durant, Irving and LeVert could bring the next NBA title for the Nets.

Temporary replacement for Durant

NBA prediction Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving Caris Levert Contract

Brooklyn Nets offering the new deal to Caris LeVert is kind of confusing if we think about it for an individual player. But one needs to think of it as a move which has ties to the other players in the team. Durant and LeVert both play as a power forward and until the former is recovered, the Nets needs someone to take the responsibility.

Levert had an average of 18.4 points per game in 14 matches he played before his foot injury. Brooklyn needs someone to handle the situation in the absence of Durant and LeVert is the ideal fit. Ever since Caris has returned from the bench, he has shown some tremendous progress and hence the deal was offered.

Kevin Duran, Kyrie Irving and Caris LeVert

Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving Caris Levert Trio

Kevin Durant has also expressed his interest in playing alongside the young and talented LeVert in the Nets. While every NBA team is trying to convert their power duos into a special three trio, how can the Nets stay behind? Kyrie Irving and Durant can get a lot stronger with the support of Caris LeVert from the other end of the court.

There is not much competition on the Eastern side of NBA and Brooklyn team could use it to get back in form. NBA 2019-20 season will start soon and the power trio of Durant, Irving, and LeVert could make the Nets win the next NBA title.