NBA Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Kevin Durant Replacement

Stephen Curry is going to be the biggest name for Golden State Warriors in the next NBA season. More than half of the Warriors roster has left the team due to various reasons after the free agency 2019. Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan went to the Brooklyn Nets in an exchange trade deal. DeMarcus Cousins went to the Lakers and Andre Iguodala is also rumored to join him soon.

Klay Thompson has yet to recover from his injuries, which makes D’Angelo Russel the only scorer in the Dubs team. Since Russel won’t stay permanently in the Warriors, Curry needs to step up and replace Durant. The Warriors team could be in a lot of trouble if Stephen Curry is injured again as they depend too much on him.

Age and Injuries of Curry

NBA Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Kevin Durant Replacement Age and Injury

Golden State Warriors is a part of the Western Conference NBA teams, which have some solid rosters. Lakers, Rockets and Clippers have acquired some of the biggest NBA stars and is ready to steal the finalist’s spot from the Warriors. Stephen Curry has a history of groin, ankles and fingers injuries, and it could be a bit problematic if one of those comes back.

Curry is also now close to being 32 years old and that facts add a lot more weight for injury risks. Almost every NBA player after crossing the age of 30, is prone to various forms of injuries. The Warriors needs to make sure something like that doesn’t happen with Curry or they will have a tough time next year.

Depending Too much on a Single Player

Dependence on Curry

Warriors are kind of broken as they have no big names other than Stephen Curry. To depend too much on a single player has never been good for any of the NBA teams. The Lakers were depending on LeBron James and it cost them the playoffs last season. Another problem is player rotation, as Warriors have no one except D’Angelo Russel to shoot.

If they play fewer games with Curry, there is the risk of losing enough to be out of the tournament. On the other hand, playing too many games increases the chances of Curry getting injured. The Warriors will let Curry play around 60 to 82 NBA games depending on how other players are performing.