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Yes, that title is not a mistake. There is, however slim, a chance that Chris Paul will play with LeBron James at the LA Lakers once he moves from the Houston Rockets.

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This news breaks after reports came out suggesting that the Rockets intended to rebuild their team completely. And unsurprisingly, the center of this rebuild will be their James Harden. The rest of the team will be placed on the trading block.

Harden stays with Houston Rockets, everyone else up for grabs

Yahoo Sports were amongst the first to report that the Houston Rockets will make James Harden as their new marquee player. The officials behind this rebuild plan to match the Golden State Warriors.

Of course, a shopping spree will be necessary for it. The report further goes on to confirm that everyone from the Rocket lineup is up for grabs- everyone except Harden.

NBA Lakers Chris Paul LeBron James

The current superstar of the team, Chris Paul, will be lining up for a new team in the next season. What Paul’s destination is currently subject to speculation, however, Los Angeles Lakers are amongst the front runners. After all, following years of poor NBA seasons, it is made or break time for the Lakers as far as the transfers are concerned. The team is in desperate need for someone to take the load of King James. Chris Paul will go some way in alleviating this load.

Chris Paul and Harden are not the best buddies; Lakers could be his next destination

Chris Paul will play with LeBron James

However, if one considers the reasons why Paul is getting the sack, the move to the Lakers seems a bit far fetched. One of the biggest problems with Chris Paul in the last few years was attitude related- he did not fit in well with the rest of the team. Especially not with Harden. And along with that, there is also the issue of Paul’s age, who are growing closer to retirement age at 34 years old. Given these issues, it would be wise for the Lakers to consider them and then make a move for Chris Paul.