watch NBA Finals 2019 game

Two fans paid the scarcely believable amount to watch game 4 of NBA Finals at the Oracle Arena. As per a tweet for Daniel Rovell, the fans have set a record by paying a whopping $50,507.50 for a seat by the courtside. The Finals have created a lot of hype with Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors vying for the ultimate finish.

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Possible reasons for the record sale

The game could be the last one for  Warriors at home. That along with the 1-0 lead of Toronto over them has added to the already increasing demand.

Warriors are shifting next season to the new Chase Center and fans are giving their all to bid Oracle Arena a fitting farewell.

The price looks like a record-breaking the previous one from 2017 finals. At that time around $57,000 was paid for a seat at the Warriors- Cavaliers match. This is just a minor step ahead but oh, this is really happening!

The $100k shell out for NBA seats not even a surprise anymore

The kind of money being shelled out is not even astonishing anymore. A $100k, so many’s 2 year salary is being paid to watch 48 minutes of their favorites!  The doling out of such money has become a trend with Game 3 also recording a whopping $93,200 for 2 seats.

NBA Finals 2019 game

The fan’s passion over the favorite game of USA is increasing by the day. Very recently a fan paid as much as $58,100 for a match worn the shoe of Stephen Curry. Another paid an astonishing amount for his used mouth guard.

Going this way, we would totally expect for this record to be broken maybe as recently as Game 5. The record 5 years from now is well, anybody’s guess. How long will it take for $200k? You would say not long after reading the above figures. And well, the game’s going all the way up after all.