Stephen Curry rewrote the annals of basketball history, not only by breaking the all-time three-point record in 2021 but also by leaving NBA fans, veterans, and enthusiasts astounded by his impeccable skills. The Golden State Warriors-Sacramento Kings matchup in the recent season saw Curry score a staggering 50 points in Game 7, marking the highest tally ever recorded in a Game 7 in NBA playoff history.

The feat didn’t go unnoticed by basketball luminaries, including Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr, who drew comparisons between Curry and his former teammate, the legendary Michael Jordan. This assertion was echoed by none other than Reggie Miller, a former leader in the three-point realm himself.

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12. Reggie Miller:
“Stephen Curry is superhuman”

Reggie Miller’s Perspective on Stephen Curry’s Impact

NBA News: Despite being surpassed by Stephen Curry as the all-time three-point leader, Reggie Miller showers GSW star with "superhuman" praise

Having held the title of all-time three-point leader before Curry’s record-breaking achievement, Miller weighed in on Curry’s remarkable impact on the game. Miller’s admiration was rooted in Curry’s unparalleled shooting prowess. Miller emphasized that Curry’s influence has been so profound that young aspirants, who may not possess the physical prowess to dunk, now strive to emulate Curry’s exceptional shooting abilities.

Because Stephen Curry is superhuman,” Miller remarked, shedding light on the extraordinary effort Curry puts into every game. Miller highlighted a lesser-known yet remarkable statistic from Stephen Curry’s performance – he attempted an astonishing 38 field goals in the game. Miller marveled at the incredible physical fitness required to sustain such a relentless pace.

“Because Stephen Curry is superhuman. If you look at his stat line, first of all, what’s more impressive which no one is talking about. The dude, the dude took 38 field goal attempts. You don’t understand how great a shape you have to be in, to sustain that,”

NBA News: Despite being surpassed by Stephen Curry as the all-time three-point leader, Reggie Miller showers GSW star with "superhuman" praise

As the NBA gears up for the upcoming season, the spotlight remains on Curry’s future endeavors. With a rejuvenated Golden State Warriors roster, Curry’s leadership and exceptional skills are poised to reshape the league’s dynamics. As a renowned shooter himself, Reggie Miller can foresee Steph Curry’s continued dominance and anticipates yet another remarkable season.

In an era where players continually redefine the limits of human achievement on the basketball court, Stephen Curry’s legacy stands tall. While he may have surpassed Reggie Miller’s record, the admiration and praise he receives from his predecessors only cement his place as a true icon of the game.