The Minnesota Timber wolves humbled The Los Angeles Lakers last Monday night, 124-120. LeBron James, the Lakers superstar was in horrible mood after the defeat. In the last few games The Lakers have done quite well, but this loss to Minnesota at San Antonio has hurt James a lot.

It’s going to be interesting to watch the reactions of the team and their office. There are some tough matches coming along for The Lakers and James’s patience is at low ebb. Their next match is against Dallas Mavericks at their home venue. Their next two games are against Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday and then its Toronto Raptors on Sunday again at home venue.

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It’s uncertain if the Raptors superstar, Kawhi Leonard, who has been given rest for some matches will play against the Lakers. If he doesn’t it would be a break for Lakers or might bring trouble. James has shot 47.8 % from the field and 50 % from the three point range. With some tough games coming up next, it would be interesting to watch how the team reacts to James’s feelings.

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