Los Angeles Clippers was kind of the winner of free agency 2019 with getting the finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard. While every NBA team was eyeing Leonard, the star player opted to join the Clippers. Along with that, Paul George was also traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder in an exchange deal. The duo of Leonard and George is looking solid, and it has made LA Clippers as the top-ranked team in NBA.

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The predictions are now showing that Lakers vs Clippers will be a tough fight in the next NBA season. But Doc Rivers, the head coach of the Clippers team is still not satisfied and want more players to strengthen their roster. The Clippers should for Ryan Anderson, Zaza Pachulia, and Shelvin Mack to sign in the late free agency.

Ryan Anderson – Miami Heat

NBA trade deal LA Clippers Ryan Anderson

The LA Clippers are in dire need of a three-point shooter after Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green have left the team. It won’t be possible to match up with the skills but a team effort can result in the same scores. Ryan Anderson is one such player who had a 38 percent three-point shooting ration in the NBA 2017-18 season.

Along with that, he had a record of 20 triples from a distance of 30 feet or more. From Houston Rockets to Miami Heat, Anderson has been traded a lot and now it is time for him to find a new home. The Clippers can use a healthy Ryan Anderson who can shoot triples from the other side of the arc.

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Zaza Pachulia – Detroit Pistons

NBA trade deal LA Clippers Zaza Pachulia

Another thing the LA Clippers are currently lacking is a strong defender who can push the basketball away from the nets. There is no one better for the job other than Zaza Pachulia, who can also score offense. If the Clippers want to beat the Lakers, they need a post defender like Pachulia. The Detroit Pistons has currently waived off Zaza and a trade deal can be made easily.

Shelvin Mack – Charlotte Hornets

NBA trade deal LA Clippers Shelvin Mack

The Clippers have no problem of ball handlers, what they are lacking is a capable point guard. NBA games have changed a lot in the past few years and top point guards are essential for winning a match. With Leonard gone, it is time to bring in someone like Shelvin Mack. He is also a long-range shooter and can defend the backcourt. There is no reason to wait anymore as the Clippers should sign Mack before someones else do it.