Kobe Bryant News

Kobe Bryant is one of the most legendary basketball players who won 5 NBA championships for the Los Angeles Lakers team. There are so many records on his name that the list will keep on going without any stops. Bryant was amazing with the ball in his hand but he recently revealed that he wishes to join other sports.

Kobe was invited to watch the US open games where he expressed his love for the game of tennis. The former Lakers star said that many times in his career he wished to play tennis instead of basketball. Bryant also hinted that he will leave the Big 3 basketball league offer to play tennis for the rest for his life.

Individual Sports are Better

NBA Kobe Bryant Big 3 Basketball Tennis Single Person Games are Better

Kobe also explained his reasoning behind his desire and the differences between NBA games and tennis. He also focused on the fact that his differences with the Lakers teammate were also responsible why he wanted to leave basketball. Here is what Kobe said after attending a tennis game at the US Open.

There were so many times in Lakers season where I wished to play individual sports like tennis over basketball. Individual sports are more challenging as you have to deal with yourself and your mental state. There is no one else to blame and also no one you have to depend. One just navigates through his own emotions and faces every challenge.

Kobe Bryant’s Love for Tennis

NBA Kobe Bryant Big 3 Basketball Love for Tennis

Bryant also revealed that he may have taken up tennis in retirement but it is not like he is good at the game. The Lakers GM Rob Pelinka who was also a former agent of Kobe Bryant had a three hour game of tennis with him. There are a lot of similarities between tennis and basketball as both involve footwork, rhythm and timing.

The whole change of heart happened after Bryant attended Naomi Osaka’s tennis game with Colin Kaepernick. Osaka said she didn’t wanted to stay in Sun for too long and hence won in straight sets. It inspired Bryant that individual sports are much better and you can win easily if you are good at it.