It seems like Kevin Durant never quite recovered from the altercation with Draymond Green. The Warriors star and Green got into a heated verbal confrontation during the middle of November 2018. And looking at how things have transpired since that moment, that incident may have been the turning point for Kevin Durant’s career with the Golden State Warriors.

Durant-Green feud big reason for KD’s departure

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Golden State Warriors

This is not just wild speculation- this idea comes from Kendrick Perkins himself. Kendrick was a former teammate of Durant’s, and is still good friends with him. He appeared on ESPN, and pretty much confirmed that the feud played a big part in Durant’s decision to leave.

The Warriors did try to salvage the situation, they did have a chance to sign Durant back. They tried to get in his good books by suspending Draymond, but then the owner came out two months after the incident, saying he wanted Draymond at the Warriors for life. That wasn’t exactly a vote of confidence for Durant, and he chose to leave.

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How the spat between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green unfolded

Publicly, however, it seems both Durant and Green have made amends. Perkins clearly feels that there is still some animosity left between the two.

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Golden State Warriors

The spat itself actually came from Green not passing the ball to Durant, in the very last seconds of the fourth quarters of a loss to the Clippers. While Durant was desperately asking for the ball, Green decided to rush up the court instead, eventually turning the ball over.

The spat then escalated off the court. Green reportedly called Durant a “b**ch”, even going as far to say “we don’t need you”.

That whole debacle hurt, and the loss in the NBA Finals to the Raptors was the straw that broke the camel’s back- Durant decided to leave and will move to Brooklyn shortly.