Jordan Bell trade news Minnesota Timberwolves

Jordan Bell, whose move to the Minnesota Timberwolves could be confirmed later this month, believes he can change the fate of the franchise. The player believes that he can take a franchise that struggled with finding an identity last season to championship contention.

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Bell looking forward to working with the new team

Bell’s move to the Timberwolves is still not official, but the player is already looking forward to playing with his new team. He brings with him a rich championship experience, having played in two finals in the past two seasons.

Jordan Bell trade news Minnesota Timberwolves

In an in-depth interview with Mark Median of the Mercury News, Bell said that he had learned all he could with the Golden State Warriors. He had garnered a championship mentality, and he had learned to deal with the ups and downs of a long and grueling NBA season. He further expressed his keenness in sharing his experience with his new team and teammates.

Lack of playing team reason behind the move to Timberwolves

Bell was the 38th overall pick in the NBA draft two years ago. He didn’t play a lot of minutes for the Warriors last season, and averaged around 3.3 points in the 11.6 minutes he got per game. Bell has revealed that one of the reasons he chose to come to the Timberwolves was the promise from head coach Ryan Saunders that he would get much more opportunities at his new club.

Bell also holds that the Timberwolves are heading in the right direction and that Saunders’ tenure at the franchise could be a special one.

Jordan Bell trade news Timberwolves

Bell’s move to the Timberwolves should be official soon, but it will only go through if the Wolves choose not to match the offer sheet that Bell will sign when the free-agency moratorium period ends on July 6.