NBA free agency started with a lot of high profile deals for the teams like Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors. While there are some teams like Washington Wizards, who are yet to make any major trade deals. But with Tomas Satoransky leaving the Wizards team, they have to get some new free agents as a replacement.

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John Wall from the Wizards is still under rehab for his Achilles tendon injury and they need someone to support Bradley Beal. There are many free agents yet to be signed, and Isaiah Thomas could be the one to fill the void. Here are the reasons why Thomas could be a good fit for the Wizards and why the player also needs a new team.

Three teams in Two Seasons

Isaiah Thomas trade with Washington Wizards

Isaiah Thomas is a talented player and a two times NBA All-Star team member. He has recovered from his hip injury and is ready to make a strong comeback. During the last two NBA seasons, Thomas has played for three different NBA teams.

He started his career with the team of Boston Celtics from where he was traded to Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Kyrie Irving. After that, Thomas has also played for the Los Angeles Lakers and is currently a member of the Denver Nuggets team. If the deal with Washington Wizards is made official, it will be the fifth NBA team for Isaiah Thomas.

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Thomas needs to prove his Worth

Isaiah Thomas Wizards NBA trade deal free agent 2019

As per the reports, Thomas has signed a one year deal with the Washington Wizards for $2.3 million contract. It is a chance for him, to prove to everyone that he has still the ability to play along with the big names. If it wasn’t for his constant injuries, Thomas could have gotten a max contract deal.

But anyway he has the perfect opportunity to play for the Wizards and prove his worth to the team. Bradley Beal is the current superstar of the Washington team, and Thomas needs to team up with him. The next NBA season will be an important factor in Isaiah’s life, as it will decide the fate of his career for the future seasons.