Jonathan Kuminga is one of the players who is being targeted by two NBA teams this offseason. Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards are two potential trade suitors for the star forward. Here is why the Warriors and Wizards could acquire Kuminga in a trade deal.

2 Teams Eyeing Golden State Warriors' Jonathan Kuminga in a Trade Deal
Jonathan Kuminga

Why Trading for Jonathan Kuminga Could Be Golden State’s Ticket to a Dynasty Future?

The Golden State Warriors are willing to make some major adjustments on the rosters. The Warriors have traded Donte DiVincenzo and Jordan Poole.

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The Warriors sent DiVicenzo to the New York Knicks in a free-agency trade, while Poole was moved to the Wizards for a trade package that included Chris Paul.

Apart from trading players, the Warriors have also added some quality players like Draymond Green. The Golden State resigned Green alongside Cory Joseph and Dario Saric.

2 Teams Eyeing Golden State Warriors' Jonathan Kuminga in a Trade Deal
Image: Golden State Warriors

However, the Warriors are not yet planning to stop. They will continue to add and subtract players, even though they are one of the most powerful contenders for the title.

The Warriors are likely to trade for the young star, Jonathan Kuminga. The Warriors’ roster has been unable to develop a skillset, even though they have some of the best core teams, which include Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson, and Green.

Adding Kuminga to the roster will bring solid skills to the Warriors’ roster, and they won’t stop contending the season while developing their young players.

Could Jonathan Kuminga Be the Missing Piece for the Wizards’ Rebuild?

2 Teams Eyeing Golden State Warriors' Jonathan Kuminga in a Trade Deal
Wizards are likely to acquire Kuminga this offseason

Another team that could potentially trade for Jonathan Kuminga is the Washington Wizards. Kuminga would be an ideal addition to the Wizards’ roster, as they have prioritized developing the roster over contending it.

Adding Kuminga to the Wizards’ roster would make a lot of sense, especially when they want to develop their young core and skillset.

The Wizards have signed Kyle Kuzma, and they are up for a rebuild from scratch.