This year’s NBA free agency period is setting records- it has been remarkably frenzied so far. Most of the deals were already agreed before the window officially opened on 6 pm ET on Sunday. Now, three days on, there only a few loose ends left to tie.

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We can now look back and here are the best three contracts offered so far:

#1. Portland Trail Blazers- Rodney Hood ($11.72 million, 2 years)

Hood is not some extraordinary player, he is just a very reliable one. And every once in a while, he will deliver an extraordinary performance. His game in this postseason has been of a quite high level.

NBA Free Agency Best Contracts Rodney Hood Portland Trail Blazers

The shocking part of this deal is how cheap it was. The Blazers have landed themselves an absolute steal, perhaps one of the biggest of the summer.

#2 Indiana Pacers- Jeremy Lamb ($31.5 million, 3 years)

While the Nets are the ones creating all the buzz, it is the Indiana Pacers who may have the most improved team in the Eastern Conference this summer.

NBA Free Agency Best Contracts

Adding a player like Lamb, who has length and is capable of guarding multiple position thanks to his athleticism, at just around $11 million a year is ridiculously cheap.

#3 Boston Celtics- Enes Kanter ($9.72 million, 2 years)

Kanter is a very good post scorer. He cannot spread the floor, neither can he defend the pick-and-roll, but he is a good rebounder, and a great free-throw shooter. He provides great productivity from the center, that is undoubted.

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NBA Free Agency Best Contracts Boston Celtics Enes Kanter

And at this low a price, it is hard to say no to a deal as enticing as this one. Given the other, more expensive deals that the Celtics are conducting this summer, it seems that this one has flown under the radar. Nevertheless, it is still quite a steal.