NBA 2K20 release date gameplay

After months of speculations and leaks, 2K Games has finally unveiled few details about NBA 2K20 by releasing a short teaser trailer.

The teaser confirmed some of the speculations while starting some new ones. As seen in the teaser, WNBA is expected to have a more significant role in NBA 2K20.

The inclusion of WNBA in a game is not happening for the first time. EA added the women players in NBA Live 18, and 2K Games is following suit.

However, the developers are yet to provide details about the roles of female athletes in NBA 2K20.

Two Female Basketballer Coming to NBA 2K20

The 20-second teaser showed Las Vegas Aces forward and 2019 WNBA Rookie of the Year winner A’ja Wilson.

A’ja making her way to NBA 2K20 is not surprising at all. She teased her entry in a video game after she tweeted a photo of her standing in a capture room. Fans were quick to speculate about her entry in the NBA title.

NBA 2K20 Release

A’ja Wilson isn’t the only female basketballer making her way to NBA 2K20. Renne Montgomery of Atlanta Dream has confirmed that she be joining the NBA 2K20.

2K Games is yet to confirm the details on how WNBA will be integrated into NBA 2K20. We expect them to include the female athletes in the MyPlayer roaster or other gameplay features.

Confirmed: Anthony Davis is the cover athlete of NBA 2K20

After several leaks, the teaser trailer has confirmed that Anthony Davis is the cover athlete of NBA 2K20.

It is the second time that Anthony Davis has made to the cover of an NBA title. In 2016, he shared the cover with Steph Curry and James Harden.

NBA 2K20 Cover

Meanwhile three-time NBA champion will feature as the cover athlete on NBA 2K20: Legend Edition.

The game has been confirmed to release on September 6.