2K Games is likely to drop NBA 2K20 in the next few months. The studio has remained silent about the details of the new game. However, this silence has led to lots of speculation and leaks.


We have articulated every bit of information leaked or rumored about the upcoming NBA 2K20. However, we have created a list of features that we, as a fan, would like to see in the game.

Top 5 Things We Would like to See in NBA 2K20

1.Inclusion of Over-the-Top Neighborhood

NBA 2K2019 featured Dodgeball alongside cages fitted with trampolines and tons of other similar activities. This led to the addition of the new elements of the game.

NBA 2K20 Gameplay

We would like to see an increase in the number of activities similar to the above mentioned.

2. Better Speed Threshold

NBA 2K20

Many hardcore players and reviewers have criticized the faulty speed threshold of NBA 2K19. The difference between big men and the fast guard was not enough, which is not advantageous.

3.Improved Customization for MyCourt

EA added the ability to customize the courts in NBA Live in NBA 2K19. Even though courts got customizable; the options are not detailed enough.

NBA Live in NBA 2K19 2K20

We would like to see a more expansive customization option in NBA 2K20.

4.Inclusion of WNBA Integration

NBA Live has had integration with WNBA for the previous two years, but it has been limited.

We would like to see a franchise or season mode in the next title.

5.Women MyPlayers

EA has taken some significant steps to include female players into the game. This move could help NBA 2K20 regain its popularity.

Things We know about NBA 2K20

Even though details about the game are dodgy few things have leaked.

According to one such leak, Miami Heat’s Dawyne Wade will feature on the cover of NBA 2K Leauge in 2020.

The basic edition of the game is expected to be priced around $60 while the special edition will cost you extra.

The game is expected to be released in late September 2020.