NBA 2020 Draft: Knicks deal with Cole Anthony, LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards and Theo Maledon

    NBA 2020 Draft New York Knicks deal

    New York Knicks may still take some time to adjust and it will be another season for them where they can make it to the NBA playoffs. It means even in the NBA 2020 drafts, the Knicks would get the top prospects. The first-round picks that the Knicks had in 2019 combined with the upcoming drafts would certainly give them an edge. Here are the possible NBA 2020 draft deals for Knicks with Cole Anthony, LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, and Theo Maledon.

    Cole Anthony

    NBA 2020 Draft New York Knicks deal Cole Anthony

    Cole Anthony is considered one of the most talented players in the upcoming NBA drafts. Anthony is athletic at 6 foot 3 inches and has the true quality of a point guard. He is also an elite defender which makes him an all-rounder prospect and something which the Knicks badly needs. Anthony should cover all his weaknesses and shortcomings before the NBA 2020 draft lottery and can go at No. 1 for the Knicks.

    LaMelo Ball

    NBA 2020 Draft New York Knicks deal LaMelo Ball

    LaMelo Ball has already made his name and playing basketball is in his blood. Ball has been playing in NBL and has shown some great performances in Australia. If Ball can improve his defending ability and three-point shooters, he can easily go as the top prospect in NBA 2020 drafts to the Knicks team.

    Anthony Edwards

    NBA 2020 Draft New York Knicks deal Anthony Edwards

    Anthony Edwards has the perfect shape of an NBA player at height 6 foot 5 inches and weight 225 pounds. The reason why Edwards is ranked so higher he has a perfect aim in the long-range shooting. He can score at all the three levels which have been a recent trend in NBA and we doubt most of the older players can do the same. At the same time, Edwards is also a great defender which makes him a perfect fit for the Knicks.

    Theo Maledon

    NBA 2020 Draft New York Knicks deal Theo Maledon

    Theo Maledon is the best three-point shooters among the NBA 2020 draft prospects and takes some huge strides. At 6 foot 5 inches height, Maledon has been doing a great job and never loses control of the ball. Due to his experience playing in Europe where the rules are a bit harsh, it would be easy for him to play in NBA for the Knicks.


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