Nate Diaz WWE UFC Retirement

The UFC-WWE connection has been long and strong! Many stars from one company have jumped ship to the other and vice versa. Names such as Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey have found success on both brands while others such as CM Punk too, brought a lot of star power. Will Nate Diaz now be the latest name to jump ship and join WWE?

Diaz vs Pettis
Image: The Independent

Given that his match with Diaz is going to be a proving point late in his career – all that UFC fans want to know is, can Diaz still go on? A loss for him in Diaz vs Pettis at UFC 241 might just mean a WWE debut!

Nate Diaz to Join WWE After Retirement?

While nothing can be said for sure and no contracts have been signed, getting someone like Nate Diaz, who is known to be an aggressive and violent man in WWE will always be good for the company. He can make for a heel that the company has been wanting for a really long time, and he can also help them tap into the Spanish-speaking audiences!

Nate Diaz UFC retirement

If Nate Diaz loses Diaz vs Pettis, there is a good chance that he bids farewell to the company he has been a part of for over a decade! Given that odds right now are split evenly at -115/-115, this is still anyone’s game and there’s no guarantee that the veteran Diaz will win this match!

Diaz Wants One Last Match with McGregor

However, before all is said and done and Nate Diaz walks off into the sunset there’s one match he wants – Diaz vs McGregor III.

McGregor vs Diaz III
Image Rolling Stone

McGregor vs Diaz was a series of two fights that took place in 2016 where Nate Diaz won the first one while Conor McGregor won the second of the two. It will be interesting to see if a third match does indeed take place and who wins this one!