Nasdaq, VanEck partner to launch ‘Crypto 2.0’ futures contracts

Nasdaq, which is the second largest stock exchange platform in the world will now be partnering VanEck which is an investment management firm.

The partnership is to enable the bringing of a whole lot of financial products related to the new crypto-currency in the market.

At the Consensus which is an Invest Conference of the CoinDesk, the partnership between the two was officially unveiled.

At the conference the director of the digital asset strategy of VanEck, Gabor Gurbacs made an announcement of the movement in order to bring a new type of contract which will be a regulated crypto 2.0 futures type into the market.

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According to the CEO, Gurbac the first of these products would be launched early next year.

Gurbac commented during the panel that what he would like bring into account is that if the company runs a few extra miles in order to work with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission so as to bring about novel standards for surveillance as well as custody.

According to the CoinDesk, the CEO told them that these future products are to be considered as an upgradation to the regulatory standards which are operating currently surrounding the bitcoin futures product.

According to the CEO, Gurbacs by leveraging SMARTS, which is the stock markets surveillance system of Nasdaq along with the trusted pricing benchmarks that are provided by the MVIS.


The aim of the company is to inspire confidence in regulators as well as institutions who are trying to get involved in the market of cryptocurrency.

SMARTS is basically a software which hosts hundreds of algorithms related to detection which are designed to pick up automatically on the market activity that is suspicious which includes spoofing and wash trading.

Source: CoinDesk, CCN


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