November 26 is the day when the long-awaited NASA’S Insight Lander lands on Mars after a six-month-long trip. The last spacecraft which was sent to Mars by NASA was the Curiosity Rover in 2012.

The Insight Lander will be studying the temperature and the seismic activities on the planet. It will drill a hole about 16 feet deep to insert a seismometer to check for Marsquakes.

Source- NASA Mars Exploration Program

But it’s not an easy task to safely land on Mars. The thin atmosphere of Mars doesn’t provide sufficient air resistance to slow down the spacecraft. This is the prime reason that 60% of mission doesn’t survive the landing. The USA is the first and only country to send a spacecraft which landed safely on the Martian soil.

The Insight Lander will have to retard from 12,300 mph to 5 mph in just 6.5 minutes. A parachute and descent thrusters make it possible. The scientists are aiming to land the craft on a broad Martian plane which is called Elysium Planitia.

Source- Business Insider