NASA Juno Spacecraft reveals interesting Images from Jupiter!


    And after a long wait of 7 years, NASA’s Juno spacecraft finally delivered some productive information about Jupiter’s surface.

    Juno was sent off to explore the biggest planet of our solar system in 2011. The spacecraft, which reached Jupiter on July 2016, was sent mainly to explore the evolution and composition of the planet.

    The discoveries made by Juno were pretty exciting for the scientists. Scott Bolton, the principal investigator of Juno revealed how the pictures and information captured by Juno were different from their expectations.
    He said that they used to think that Jupiter has a uniform surface and hence, there’s not much to know about it. However, Juno’s findings are anything but that.

    Source- JPL- NASA

    There were water colored swirls captured on the planet which are the planet’s clouds. There were found in the North Temperature Belt of the planet and scientists are now trying to find a resemblance between them and that of Earth.

    However, the most interesting part of the discovery was the observation that these clouds resembled like a pod of dolphins.

    NASA will reveal a detailed report on Juno’s study on December 21.


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