NASA Insight Lander Finally Lands On The Red Planet!

A dramatic seven-minute plunge and NASA’s Insight Lander finally lands on the Red Planet. This spacecraft of the US Agency tends to study the temperature and seismic movements on the surface of Mars. This type of study is never conducted on any other planet except Earth.

A hole will be dug some 30 feet inside the surface of the red planet to carefully examine the marsquakes and understand the temperature of the planet. The spacecraft landed on Tuesday at 19:53 GM. As soon as the confirmation, entire California’s JPL erupted into joy. Here’s a few from the Insight Lander released by NASA.

Source- NASA

James Bridenstine, the chief administrator of the agency, described November 27, 2018, as an “amazing day” in the history of NASA. The laboratory soon had the congratulations from Mr. President. Mike Watkins, the director of Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that this success gives out the message that if we have to explore and know more about science, we have to bold enough to take risks. The Lander landed on a flat plain which is termed as Elysium Planitia.

Source- BBC news

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