NASA Discovered an Incredible Rectangular Iceberg in Antarctica

    Source: mymodernmet

    NASA has tweeted out the photos of a perfectly carved and chiseled rectangular Iceberg in the Antarctic that has created quite a hype all around the world. This outstanding formation of the iceberg has once again defined that precision of nature. Jeremy Harbeck, the senior support scientist of Operation IceBridge, has reportedly photographed the iceberg while conducting a routine survey of the area.

    Source: mymodernmet

    Operation IceBridge is an ongoing mission which began in the year 2009, monitors the changes in the polar ice. The iceberg which has created quite a hype was first spotted in Antartica’s the Weddell Sea appears to have been detached itself recently from the ice shelf. This type of formation that is comprised of a flat top and vertically sharpened sides which are often known as the tabular icebergs. Sometimes the tabular icebergs are also known as ice islands is the most massive icebergs in the world are tabular.

    Source: mymodernmet

    The tabular icebergs are not uncommon, but this rectangular iceberg is something very special. Harbeck revealed that he was often seen the icebergs with relatively sharp edges. However, he has never seen an iceberg with two corners at 90 degrees. The rectangularly shaped iceberg is located right next to the A68 iceberg which is a Delaware-sized formation that broke away, calved from the Larsen C Ice Shelf back in 2017.

    Source: mymodernmet

    The A68 iceberg is one of the largest recorded icebergs that has a surface area of over 2,200 square miles. Harbeck has shared that he is much more interested in taking a photo of the A68 iceberg, and that is the reason they flew over, but the rectangular iceberg was interesting and quite photogenic.


    The rectangular iceberg might not be a perfect rectangle, but it is incredibly stunning. The area surrounding the rectangular as well as the A68 iceberg is littered with tabular icebergs.


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