In America and many other countries, children move out when they become an adult. It is more like a social norm than a law that adults should stay separately from their parents. But mostly this situation arises when adults have to move to another location for a better job, education, or proving their financial stability. But there is absolutely no shame in living with your parents.

But on and off you’ll come across some unique situations. One such story recently made its way on Reddit where an 18-year-old son was asked by his parents to move out, but eventually, the parents had a change of heart and wanted the son to move back. But things took a different turn. Scroll down to find out more.

Moving out is part of becoming an adult, but what do you do if your parents suddenly start asking you to move back in with them after asking you to leave?

SO, let’s recall what happened. Reddit user u/Independent-Boot-789 went to the Am I The A-Hole community to find perspective on the situation and unorthodox predicament involving him moving out.

In particular, the boy expressed how his parents always wanted to be child-free, but ended up having him in their life. He shared that the couple kept him only because of religious reasons. The 18-year-old further shared how his parents financially supported him but maintained their emotional distance.

Well, one Redditor had quite a unique situation regarding moving out, which he shared with the AITA community

So, about a week before the fateful birthday, all three of them sat down to have a chat, where they discussed about everything the boy needed to depart the day after he turns eighteen.

Initially, the boy had planned to rent a place and move out with his friends. However, he was offered a much better option to stay with a friend’s family who was ready to give their furnished basement for $150 including all utilities. He decided to move with this family, but here we would like to highlight the fact that the family her choose to stay with are all of the Indian descent.

OP was invited over by his parents for dinner when they offered him to move back with them. However, the son refused as he felt that all these years living with his parents created a feeling of awkwardness. Now that he lives separately makes him feel great and happy.

So, as soon as he declined the offer, his father started to scold him and his mom begin to cry and left the room. His dad, saying friends are distancing themselves from the family because there’s apparently a rumor that they had kicked their son out and another Indian family took him in.

The only thing that the boy had to say was that the parent took a step which he wasn’t responsible for. And now the whole family is effectively terrorizing the 18-year-old for this.

The AITA community immediately was responsible for the situation and voted that his family was wrong and OP was innocent.

The general image that people built about the family was, that OP needed someone who genuinely cared about him. The parents failed to give him the love and emotional support he needed.

In the end, people ruled that OP’s family are the bad guys here, showering OP with support

Some people even pointed out that moving back will not resolve the issues between them, mostly because of the parents not caring, and also because of the damage that’s already been done.

The post ended up going viral with over 21,100 upvotes, 60 plus Reddit awards, and nearly 1,200 comments.