My Hero Academia chapter 387 spoilers are being awaited by fans all over the globe after All Might made a comeback in the previous chapter.

My hero academia chapter 387 spoilers
All Might will fight again after a long time.

My Hero Academia chapter 387 spoilers and predictions

All Might come back to fight his lifetime opponent All For One, in the previous chapter. This got a lot of the fans super excited as their favorite hero returned. Many are more than eager to know what will happen next. Although no confirmed My Hero Academia chapter 387 spoilers are leaked as of yet, fans have started theorizing possibilities as to what events might take place.

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However, one thing that fans are more than excited about is the fight between All Might and All For One. The last time they fought each other was at Kamino many chapters ago. The fight made All Might end up using all his One For All Embers and left him with no powers after the fight. All For One was not even at his full potential then.

Now the tables have turned drastically, and All Might is powerless while All For One is in great form. All Might is aware of this and came with a surprise of his own. There seems to be some kind of Suit he uses to enhance his body size and power. This might even be the field for a short while, but many fans fear that this might be the last few times they will see their favorite hero before he dies.

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#MHA386 this is so fucking hard but god damn all might finna die
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One thing that fans can know for sure, even if no official My Hero Academia chapter 387 spoilers have leaked so far, is that All Might will not go out without a spectacular fight. Fans will definitely get to see their hero in action, possibly for one last time in the next few chapters.

My Hero Academia chapter 387 spoilers: Will Shoto rejoin the fight again?

In the previous chapter, we saw Shoto Todoroki and Tenya Iida talk to All Might. He had asked them to join the evacuation effort at Gunga. Shoto also got to hear his favorite hero speak to him and teared up. It will definitely be interesting to see if Shoto will join his father to fight his brother Dabi.

Dabi is over-exerting his powers and will most likely explode leaving a huge number of causalities in the end. Shoto might be left to choose between saving his brother or killing him before he explodes to save others. Fans are also expecting to see the Todoroki family conflict come to an end. If Shoto can find a way to save his brother using his ice powers, we might get to see a quick redemption for Dabi and a reunion for the Todoroki family.

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I'm convinced Shoto is gonna save Dabi, and succeed, he understands him the most
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Where to read My Hero Academia manga?

The manga can be found online on Viz Media’s official website. The first and the latest three chapters are available to read for free on the website. You can read the whole manga for free on Shueisha’s official manga mobile app called Manga Plus.

These are all speculations by fans while everyone waits for My Hero Academia Chapter 387 spoilers to be leaked online. What do you think of all this? Let us know in the comment section below and keep reading Hiptoro for more Boku no Hero Academia updates.