My Hero Academia Chapter 384 is all set to be released on Monday. Fans are super excited as the final war arc is well underway with each episode things are getting more and more heated up. The spoilers and raw scans for the chapter are now all over the internet.

Red Riot and Pinky steal the show in chapter 383

The release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 384

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 is back after a two-week hiatus and fans are all in for the action. The new chapter will be released on April 3rd, at 12:00am Japanese standard time. It will be available to read on Shueisha’s free MANGAPlus app and the first and latest three chapters are free on Viz Media’s official website.

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Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 384

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 is titled “It’s a Small World” and will focus on the fight between Machia and All For One. The chapter begins with Machia who is under the control of Shinso, attacking Tokoyami and All For One. All For One realizes that someone is behind the strange behavior of Machia and is quick to realize that it is Shinso. He then mocks Shinso that such brainwashing is a technique only the villains use. Then immediately releases Machia from Shinso’s hold by attacking Machia.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Raw Scan: Machia Attacking All For One
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Machia attacks All For One in Chapter 384

When Machia gains consciousness he asks All For One why he was abandoned by him in Jaku. Hawks still wonders if Machia is still under the control of Shinso. Then we switch to a flashback where Machia is abandoned by All For One in Jaku. All For One tells him that his successor will come for him. Machia waits for a long time and then realizes that he was abandoned by his master.

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Machia is feeling betrayed. 😬
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Then Eijiro Kirishima aka Red riot saves Shinso. Shinso then talks about how this is the second time that someone has resisted his brainwashing. Hawks talks to Machia and tells him that this is natural for one to feel betrayed after being abandoned by their master. While this is happening, Machia, Mt. Lady, and Dark Shadow try another attack.

My Hero Academia Chapter 384

At the end of the chapter, we can see a lot of familiar and famous people watching the fight. Melissa, Rody’s siblings, Katsuma, Death Arms, Mahoro, Agpar, and the US president with some international heroes are all watching the fight.