My Hero Academia chapter 384 was originally supposed to release on 19 March 2023. However, the manga went on abrupt hiatus due to the mangaka’s poor health.

However, it is expected that the manga will continue on a weekly basis from this week onward.

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Read more about the release date and spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 384.

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 Release Date and Spoilers
All For One struggling to fight against the Heroes in chapter 383

Season 6 of My Hero Academia anime came to an end this year and the announcement for season 7 has left fans eager. Most of them have turned to reading the manga, so they don’t have to wait to know what happens next. However, after chapter 383 was announced, the mana went on an unannounced two-week hiatus due to the health of the mangaka Kohei Horikoshi’s health. It was announced to be released on March 27th instead. The good news is the manga is all set to be back on schedule from now on.

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 release date

Since the manga has assumed a weekly publication, the next chapter is all set to be released on April 3rd, 2023, Monday, Japanese standard time. The global release date and time are given below

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Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 384

Unfortunately, no spoilers for this chapter have been leaked at the time of writing this article. It is usually leaked a few days before the official release date on anonymous online forums such as Twitter, Reddit, and 4Chan. The manga has become more exciting and engaging in a few chapters. Readers are more hyped to know how the battle between Heroes and All for One will turn out. Seeing as to All for One seems to be struggling to keep up with our young heroes.

Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 384 online for free?

It is good news for all fans of My Hero Academia; this manga is free to read on Shueisha’s free MANGAPlus mobile app. One can read the first and latest three chapters for free on Viz Media’s official website. It is also available on a paid subscription on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app.

To sum it up, you will be able to read My Hero Academia chapter 384 online for free only for the first three weeks of its release, after which you will have to opt for the paid subscription.

Recap of Chapter 383 and My Hero Academia Chapter 384 prediction

Shortly after Shoto’s initial victory over Dabi, the Villains begin to gain the upper hand at the Jaku Hospital Ruins. They use an ultra-high frequency emitter to transmit All For One’s voice in order to reawaken Gigantomachia, which he would be able to hear no matter what thanks to his Dog Quirk, and they use their Quirks to float through the air to evade the Heroes. With a gigantified spanner made by Rule, Mt. Lady tries to stop them, but it’s too late as Gigantomachia escapes from the containment facility.

Red Riot considers how they had warped Hitoshi to their position at the start of their plot without the Villains being aware of it. He has been concealing Hitoshi’s position ever since in case of an emergency. He rushes to where Hitoshi is hiding and orders him to brainwash Machia, but he is startled to see that the Sludge Villain has already absorbed him. He discovers Hitoshi and thinks he’ll make a better hiding place than “that kid” from the last time, cheerfully proclaiming that since Machia is awake they won, so he didn’t have to put up a fight and just hide.

Mina Ashido, aka Pinky, finally perfects her attack

The liberation soldier announces that their age of liberation has begun and that the weak are destined for suffering. When Gigantomachia storms Mt. Lady and demands to know where his master is, Pinky suddenly attacks with “Output Max Power: Acidman – Alma,” an acidic solution that pierces through Machia’s hide. With so many people being killed and everything being destroyed, she considers how she failed to make it work the last time. Nevertheless, after using Katsuki and Shoto’s training techniques, she proclaims that she will no longer fail to safeguard the things she values.

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Pinky attacks the Sludge Villain directly with her extended horns, mixing her Acid with his Sludge to force him to break free and attempt to flee. He responds when they call for him to wait but is stopped by Hitoshi’s brainwashing. Pinky claims that Mezo never gave in to her need for vengeance, that she adored Midnight’s teachings, and that she learned a lot about fear as a result of her weakness. Pinky claims that Mezo believes that everyone is defined by their vulnerability, including the villains.

Hitoshi saves the day!

The Liberation soldier then considers Re-Destro referring to them as the same before declaring that Machia will never hear them speak. Hitoshi swings on top of Machia with his Capturing Weapon before he can attack Mt. Lady again, calling out to the beast in an imitation of All For One’s voice, getting him to respond, and taking control of him. He swipes away all the Villains after receiving the order from Hitoshi to attack everyone in the air. Pinky begins to suffocate from dehydration as she claims that she and Red Riot are now even, but he insists that she has always been his heroine and that she never owes him anything.

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The Heroes get ready to confine all the Villains for transportation after they have Machia under control and all of them vanquished. Right then, Mt. Lady learns that All For One is in the process of regenerating and requests their assistance. Although the Gunga and Jaku teams give it their all to combat All For One, who is struggling to control them, as numerous helicopters approach in the distance, Naomasa reflects on the risky bet they can’t afford to lose and throw everything against their threat. My Hero Academia chapter 384 is expected to start right from here.

Will there be another hiatus after My Hero Academia chapter 384?

While nothing is set in stone, there have been no signs that would indicate another hiatus incoming after the release of My Hero Academia chapter 384.