My Hero Academia Chapter 231 release date and spoilers

My Hero Academia chapter 231 is going to release soon and it has been established now that Dabi is Endeavor’s son. He is also Shoto Todoroki’s brother. That is why in this chapter we might see Dabi bursting into white flames.

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What is going to happen in My Hero Academia Chapter 231?

The upcoming chapter is likely to show the fight between Dabi and the user of ice Quirk. The latter showed tremendous power in the previous chapter when it wiped out many clones of Twice. But, now the focus is on Dabi. So, he has to shine bright, just like the stars do.

To get some context, fire follows some stages in which it changes its hues while increasing the intensity. It starts from red, turns blue and finally turns into white. If you might remember, Endeavor’s flames turned blue for a brief while when he went completely reckless. The flames of Dabi appear to be at an intense heat level. But, we might get to see a change in the upcoming chapter.

Will the white flames help Dabi?

But, we should also not forget that by getting blue flames, Dabi’s Quirk does him more damage than benefit. And that too on a constant basis. But, that gives him an immense amount of strength as well. So, if Dabi manages to reach the next level in the upcoming chapter, he might as well become unstoppable. White flames have the power to melt even the hardest of metals. So, it is highly likely that the Iceman would face Dabi’s white flames in My Hero Academia Chapter 231. And this would also mean that Dabi will now use this power against his other enemies and blind them.

When is the next chapter going to release?

My Hero Academia Chapter 231 is going to release on 10 June 2019. Let’s wait and watch for what happens next.