The last two chapters of My Hero Academia have been really nice and fans have enjoyed them all a lot. This following arc has all the potential in the world to become the best arc in My Hero Academia ever since the Overhaul arc. As fans would be aware, League of Villains has reached Deika City, with some help by Slide N Go.

My Hero Academia Chapter 225 Predictions

My Hero Academia Chapter 225- Predictions

Surrounded by Meta Liberation Army members, they aren’t very happy about this. While aiming to reach the tower and saving Giran, Toga fought Kizuki on their way and the manga got really fun here. Now let’s discuss My Hero Academia chapter 225.

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Before we discuss My Hero Academia chapter 225, this following post may have official spoilers from the series and if you hate being spoiled, let’s not go ahead with this. But if you are a curious My Hero Academia fan and spoilers don’t affect you, here we go! Also, notably we don’t leak these spoilers, most are already on the internet.

My Hero Academia Chapter 225 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 225- Spoilers

Next My Hero Academia chapter will focus SlideN Go. As the character is a recent introduction, we believe that he will have an important role to play in the latest chapter. He even led the League to the city of Daika, which sounds absolutely absurd. We don’t know much about him yet but it’s just a matter of time. On the other hand, talking about the League of Villains, they will keep approaching the tower and will be most likely greeted by more enemies on their way. Kizuki will keep fighting against Toga and we speculate more amazing fights in My Hero Academia soon.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 225 Release Date

Chapter 225 of My Hero Academia will officially release on 22nd April. Raw scans will come on 19 April. Stay tuned for more.