Multichain, is basically a platform which is used to a create and develop private Blockchains. Multichain is an completely open Blockchain platform.

Multichain which is developed by Coin Sciences, recently has released its beta version 2.0 as well as added around 40 novel partners which include certain big named companies like HCL and SAP technologies.

The first production by the platform was in the month of August in 2017, and it is now ready for a major upgrade as MultiChain 2.0 is coming into existence.

Source: Daily Hunt

Version 2.0 envelops many new features like smart filters, in the new version Multichain’s take on smart contracts and has an easy management of the off chain data as well as help and provide for structured data that will be indexed and embedded in the chain.

Multichain has the advantages of complete in build off-chain data functionality that will make the lives of developers a lot easier specially for those who are already dealing with these kinds of technologies but had to work a lot to put multiple pieces together.

The smart filter approach of the version 2.0 of multichain has similar elements that of both R3 Corda’s methods of doing things and of ethereum works.

Source: Wired Focus

The main enterprise blockchain however differ slightly in its way of coding up the rules on blockchain as announced by Greenspan.

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Greenspan said that this improved version has  led to providing more design space in terms of how smartly the contract rules can be expressed as well as run.

Every main platform is capable of making some decisions in the design place and as result of it different designs have become either better suited or worse supporters for different use cases.

Greenspan explained that there are basically 2 types of multichain smart filters, stream filter and transaction filters.

Source: CoinDesk, Wired Focus