Have you ever heard a story where a mom cat is taking care of a pair of baby squirrels? If not, this post is going to be your favorite thing because it’s about a caring and adorable cat who took care of squirrel babies as her own. Awww!

Mary Cummins, the cat’s owner told about the entire incident. She even told us that after getting inspired by her cat’s kindness, she is planning to start her own rehabilitation and animal rescue.

Many years ago, my cat rescued two baby squirrels from the yard. Trying to find the proper help is how I became a wildlife rehabilitator. My last house had a totally enclosed yard with eight-foot fences. I had a cat door going outside. Mimi first brought in one baby. My other cat, Boots, tried to take the baby, but Mimi protected “her” baby.”

Watch the video below:

YouTube video

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