Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, the hosts of “Morning Joe”, reported that Ivanka Trump, the adviser of White House, used her personal email for doing some government business.

A montage was aired on Tuesday’s show that featured President Donald Trump bashing Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign of 2016 for using her personal mail when she was secretary of state.

Scarborough remarked sarcastically,

This is the same Ivanka Trump who is related to Donald Trump? Are you sure it’s the same family?

The host of “Morning Joe” added that now no one has an issue with use of personal ail for government business. President Trump and his followers won’t protest against this and scream for Ivanka to be locked up. Ivanka Trump should also be held to the same standards of asceticism and inquiry that Hillary Clinton faced for this.

You can have a look at the clip here!


Source: Huffington Post, Reporterit

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